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Raw data of the weather radar for the broader area of Athens are available since 2005.


The Weather Research and Forecasting (WRF) model is a next-generation mesoscale numerical weather prediction system designed for both atmospheric research and operational forecasting applications. It was developed by the collaboration of many USA reseach centers and it is maintained by the National Center for Atmospheric Research.

Status: operational

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The state-of-the-art Data Assimilation system of WRF model (WRFDA) assimilates a variety of atmospheric measurements in order to improve the initial input to WRF system and, thus, to improve significanlty its forecast.

The Institute of Environmental Research & Sustainable Development (IERSD) assimilates its weather radar data (see Radar page), when the radar operates at its location in Palaia Penteli, Athens, with WRFDA and produces short-term forecast (nowcast) up to 3 hours ahead for the broader area of Athens. The nowcast of  rainfall and wind at 10 m height above surface is shown in this web page and it is updated every 2 hours. It can be used to conclude by an expert or estimate after input to a hydrlogical model the possibility of flash-flood events.

This forecast is a research product and not an official operational product. IERSD/NOA and its personnel assume no responsibility for consequences that may arise from the use of this forecast.



Weather Radar Lab

Institute of Environmental Research & Sustainable Development

National Observatory of Athens

I. Metaxa & V. Pavlou, 15236 Palaia Penteli

Athens, Greece
e-mail: jkalog at

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