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Lightning detection network

Raw data of the weather radar for the broader area of Athens are available since 2005.


Lightning is a life-threatening atmospheric phenomenon, which occurs in intense storms due to the electric field in clouds. The Institute of Environmental Research & Sustainable Development (IERSD) developed a Lightning Detection Network (LDN) using Low Frequency sensors of atmospheric electromagnetic field and original processing algorithms to detect ligthnings in the region of Greece with high position accuracy.

Status: operational

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The lightning detections of the last 2 hours in 20 minutes intervals are shown in this web page with a delay of a couple of seconds. In addition to monitoring the lightning activity, the lightning detection information is valuable for nowcasting thunderstorms propagation by early warning systems or with its assimilation by weather forecasting models for nowcasting of possible flash-flood events (see Nowcast page).

The current locations of the LDN network sensors are in Penteli (IERSD), at the VOR-DOM site of the Hellenic Civil Aviation department of Corfu airport, at the Finokalia atmospheric monitoring station of the Environmental Chemical Processes Laboratory of the University of Crete, and at the Department of Environmental Engineering of the Democritus University of Thrace in Xanthi, who provide the required power and internet connections.

Possible technical problems in network stations may inhibit temporarily the operation of the system or limit the accuracy of detections.






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